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TuttleNumbNow (TNN) is changing forever the way dentistry is practiced. TNN is a revolution, a complete rethinking and retraining of local anesthesia, introduced by Gregory K. Tuttle. TNN is a new primary injection of choice for lower posterior teeth replacing the IA nerve block. We know that for some teeth a simple infiltration is adequate, but if a tooth requires more, then a TNN intraosseous injection can benefit any and all teeth. This technique is designed for the most experienced dentist and specialist, to the recent dental graduate or hygienist.

Join us in practicing the most innovative cost-effective approach to dental anesthesia.

Q: What is TuttleNumbNow?

A: TuttleNumbNow, LLC is founded by Gregory K. Tuttle, DDS to introduce a one-step localized intra-osseous anesthesia method, where patients experience instant numbness, allowing dentists to improve efficiency, eliminate excess and lessen their risk. TuttleNumbNow (TNN) is a personal training experience introducing new concepts in dental anesthesia. The company has engaged some of the major leaders in dentistry, as they have traveled overseas and across the country to educate dental leaders across the globe.

Q: What problems does TuttleNumbNow help solve?

A: The single biggest frustration for the dentist and the single biggest frustration for patients can be if they can’t get numb. We discovered a numbing technique that patients appreciate. They rave about it and my practice grows with each TNN injection. We are numbing people that have never been able to get numb before.

Q: What are the key advantages of TuttleNumbNow?

A: TNN eliminates guesswork and provides the confidence to literally ‘set down the syringe, and pick up the drill.’

Other benefits include:

  • Simple Efficiency — TNN allows dentists to work in all four quadrants in one appointment.
  • Instant Numbness — TNN works immediately, so there is no waiting for anesthetic.
  • Eliminates Excess — TNN enables dentists to use a standard syringe, a simple needle and one-third of a carpule per site.
  • Less Risk — TNN eliminates adverse side effects, operative difficulties and negative results associated with IA nerve blocks.

Q: How can I purchase and learn the TuttleNumbNow technique?

A: TuttleNumbNow sells the TNN package here on our website or at conferences. TNN certification includes instructional videos, a starter kit, patented needle guides, recommended needles and anesthetic to help dentists get started. The cost of the product is $490. Upon purchase, the dentist receives an instant digital download, as well as the kit that is processed and shipped within two to five days.

In less than a year, TuttleNumbNow has grown to where you can find a certified dentist in all 50 states and 16 countries. Join the hundreds of satisfied TNN certified dentists.

Q: How did TuttleNumbNow get started?

A: TuttleNumbNow is founded by Gregory K. Tuttle, a general dentist who practices in Sacramento, California and Orem, Utah. Since graduating from UNMC Nebraska in 1990, Tuttle has valued high efficiency and quality for more than 25 years. In 2003, Tuttle encountered a tough-to-numb tooth and X-tips were on backorder, so Tuttle figured a way to penetrate the mandibular buccal plate without drills, ports or sleeves, using just a 30 ga needle. His discovery led to a complete change in the way he approached local anesthesia and patients raved about not having a numb lip or tongue.

Now after 13 years of clinical success, Tuttle has revealed his findings in TuttleNumbNow. This protocol dispels myths about bending needles, penetrating the buccal plate, the use of Articaine in the mandible and epinephrine in intra-osseous delivery. Tuttle’s son was graduating from dental school in 2015, and in an attempt to train him on this technique that he wouldn’t learn in school, Tuttle made training videos and written protocol. At the hooding ceremony, Tuttle was overcome with emotion and realized it wasn’t just his son he should teach, but the entire dental industry. He presented his anesthesia technique to top educators, researchers and manufacturers in the dental field, who encouraged him to acquire a patent and form TuttleNumbNow, LLC.


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