“Can You Bend a Needle?”

  • Bending needles at the hub is not advised
  • Commonly used for root canal irrigation and interpulpal injection
  • A bent needle at the hub is seen on X-tip® or Stabident® websites
  • Can you do TNN technique using a shorter needle or without bending the needle while using finger free retraction? Absolutely!
  • Suture needles are sharp, bent and used daily
  • Commonly bent for root canal irrigation
  • Tests show you can safely bend needles


“Can We Manufacture a Bent Needle?”

  • If a bent needle can’t be manufactured, then manufacture a 90 degree hub
  • Extra short needles are used, but they are bent at the hub which is not ideal
  • TNN is seeking a pre-bent needle at 170 degrees, that can be easily adjusted to 90 degrees before use
  • Manufacturing a pre-bent needle accommodates dentists uncomfortable with bending

Personally, I like bending the needle. It delivers better versatility including range of motion, angle of entry, visibility, and safety.

“Are there Bent Needles Out There?”

    • Pre-bent manufactured needles exist
    • Proves that you can indeed bend a needle
    • Still lacks versatility that a custom TNN would provide

“What about recapping issues?”

      • It’s illegal to recap needles in Europe
      • Stabident’s website, “Because of the short length and rigidity of both the injection needle and perforator needle it is dangerous to recap after use. The injection-needle and perforator needle must be disposed of safely for example, by using pliers.”
      • It is safer to recap a bent TNN needle than a straight needle because the tip is away from the force.

A Comparison with X-Tip®


Economics Compared


PDL Injection Considered and Compared

# of needle entries 4-6 1
Time to administer Medium Medium/Fast
Onset Quick Immediate
Duration 7-16 min 20-50 min
Pain in administering Depends Low
Special equipment Optional None
Amount of anesthetic 0.3-.8 cc 0.5-1.0 cc
Recommended Epi. 1:200k 1:100k
Risk to PDL Medium None
Risk to papilla Low Low/Medium
Patient view Highly visible Hidden
Administration One handed Two handed


Skill of the Dentist

  • The skill of a dentist is paramount in terms of pain and risk, just as a skilled phlebotomist makes a blood draw a more pleasant experience
  • TNN provides a more comfortable and safe technique, even for the least experienced dentists


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