Hear about TuttleNumbNow from Dr. Tuttle himself:

Curious how TuttleNumbNow can help your practice? Here are just a few benefits of TuttleNumbNow explained in four key areas.


Simple Efficiency

  • Shorter appointments
  • Opens up the appointment book
  • Turns hygiene room into a treatment room
  • Fewer ops needed (I work out of 2)
  • Less patients waiting in reception area
  • Fewer follow-up appointments
  • Same day treatment
  • Can work in all 4 quadrants in one appointment
  • Easier to stay on schedule


Instant Numbness

  • Effective on patients who could never get numb
  • Predictable and definitive start time
  • No buffering preparations
  • Good for those with limited opening
  • Better for handicapped or children
  • Rubber dam put on instantly /painlessly
  • “Set down the syringe and pick up the drill”


Less Risk

  • Eliminates all risks, difficulties, and side effects of IA nerve block
  • The average IAN lawsuit in the US is nearly $100,000
  • There can be anatomic variations, more than one nerve, mylohyoid, etc
  • No access problem if tongue and cheek are big
  • No electric shock zing when hitting the nerve
  • No gag reflex
  • Never a hematoma
  • Never injection trauma parenthesia
  • No risk to joint capsule
  • No risk of IA causing blindness (remote)
  • No drilling into bone with a port or perforator, less risk of root damage
  • No chance of biting the dentist or needle
  • Shorter appointments for oxygen dependent, diabetic, incontinent, pregnant
  • Safeguard during mandibular implant surgery, as the lip and tongue are not numb when drilling so you will know if you hit something you shouldn’t or if you are too deep instead of a second surgery to correct the mistake
  • Simultaneous sounding of bone during injection
  • Valuable and effective for stage 1 single tooth implant surgery
  • Patients with TMJ or limited opening don’t even have to open their mouth to get numb
  • Needle is always visible and never buried to the hub or bent at the hub
  • Better bite equilibrations and fewer adjustments with fillings
  • More accurate bite registrations and triple tray impressions
  • Minimizes the need for nitrous or sedation, which has negative effects such as:
    • Theft of tanks
    • Takes lots of chair time
    • Limited on who you can work on (kids or elderly)
    • Risk to assistants
    • Cost and clutter
    • Bulky to work around
    • Malpractice insurance costs
    • Abused (in two cases, doctor’s children died)
    • Less Medico-legal claims
    • Inability to perform optimum treatment because mid-course corrections or modifications to treatment cannot be made because they are unavailable to discuss new treatment options and give consent
    • They don’t get to see how hard you work


Eliminates Excess

  • Uses a standard syringe and single needle found in every dental office
  • Eliminates the need for: Onset or sodium bicarbonate buffering, Stabident, X-Tip, Vibraject, The Wand, Electronic anesthesia, Ligajet, Oraverse, and many other novelties
  • Blanches pericoronal gingiva= less bleeding for better restorative in a dry, blood reduced field
  • Reduces and often eliminates the need for retraction cord, chemical, electric or laser cautery or troughing
  • Less post-op pain from injection site
  • Greatly reduces the need for and use of sedation or nitrous
  • Uses 1/3 carpule or .5cc per site, as opposed to multiple carpules

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