TuttleNumbNow is a one-step localized intra-osseous anesthesia method for dentists, which results in instant numbness and ability to work in all four quadrants in the same visit without using nitrous, sedation or IA nerve block.

TNN Tools

There is no need for a special hand piece, perforators, port or sleeves. All you need to practice TuttleNumbNow is the present preferred materials, which include:
  • a standard dental syringe
  • A recommended 30 gage needle designed to penetrate bone
  • Articaine 4% 1:100K epi. [Septocaine]
  • TNN Needle guide
  • Proper TNN Steps


Why These Tools?

  • Conventional needle on the left, double bevel scalpel tip on the right, designed to penetrate bone.
  • This is essential to optimal TNN technique due to its unique scalpel design.
  • According to recent studies, it requires 29% less force to penetrate.
  • Upon purchase of the TNN technique, further information about the needle will be provided. The TNN needle guide is an invented hub extension which aids in the TNN technique. It facilitates the proper bending and control during the TNN injection. It is manufactured to custom fit the recommended needle. When you order the TNN technique, you will receive a sample of these guides within the starter kit. They're available for purchase to anyone who has been properly trained.

The Goals

  • To facilitate a predictable experience for the dentist and patient by an established local anesthesia protocol
  • Eliminating the most common frustration for the patient, "I can never get numb"
  • Eliminate the most common frustration for the dentist, "I can't get him numb"
  • Reduce the use of IA nerve block except for lengthy procedures
  • To never wait for anesthetic onset... "Set down the syringe and pick up the drill!"
  • Let us consider TNN as the primary modality of anesthesia over all other modalities
    • TNN is faster acting (immediate)
    • TNN involves intraosseous injection into bone
    • TNN is less painful on injection
    • TNN is less toxic (locally and systemically)
    • TNN has the fastest reversal times than any other modality
    • TNN is the least expensive by far

Become Certified

The TuttleNumbNow technique involves a technical 20-step training and video instruction that can be downloaded for reference after payment.

Not ready to become a certified TuttleNumbNow dentist quite yet? Check out more TNN benefits or read more testimonials.