Dr. Len Tau hosted Dr. Tuttle on his Raving Patients podcast to hear more about TuttleNumbNow and "This Technique Will Change Dentistry Forever and Enhance the Patient Experience"

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From Len:

Once in a while, a genuinely exciting development happens in dentistry, and today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of them.

Dr. Gregory Tuttle has developed a revolutionary local anesthesia technique called TuttleNumbNow, which has worked wonders in enhancing the doctor/patient experience, improving efficiency, and growing revenue.

Dr. Gregory joins me today to discuss his technique’s benefits compared to the traditional local anesthesia technique, how it works, and how you can get started.

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Key Takeaways


(00:00) What is TuttleNumbNow?

(02:14) Dr. Gregory’s background in dentistry

(05:01) What makes this technique so revolutionary

(06:53) The problem with traditional local anesthesia

(10:04) How this technique works

(11:43) What to consider when employing the method

(17:05) Common anesthesia myths

(21:27) How TuttleNumbNow improves patient experience

(23:56) Lightning round questions (29:54)

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Find out more about TuttleNumbNow: https://tuttlenumbnow.com/