The Story Behind the Solution

TuttleNumbNow was born out of inspiration by a general dentist, Dr. Gregory Tuttle.  What started with a tough-to-numb tooth has changed the way we look at local anesthesia.

TuttleNumbNow is founded by Gregory K. Tuttle, a general dentist who practices in Orem, Utah. Since graduating from UNMC Nebraska in 1990, Tuttle has valued high efficiency and quality for more than 25 years.

In 2003, Tuttle encountered a tough-to-numb tooth and X-tips were on backorder, so Tuttle figured a way to penetrate the mandibular buccal plate without drills, ports or sleeves, using just a 30 ga needle. His discovery led to a complete change in the way he approached local anesthesia and patients raved about not having a numb lip or tongue.

Now with more than 20 years of clinical success, Tuttle has revealed his findings in TuttleNumbNow. This protocol dispels myths about bending needles, penetrating the buccal plate, the use of Articaine in the mandible and epinephrine in intra-osseous delivery.

Tuttle’s son was graduating from dental school in 2015, and in an attempt to train him on this technique (that he wouldn’t learn in school),  Tuttle made training videos and written protocol. At the hooding ceremony, Tuttle was overcome with emotion and realized it wasn’t just his son he should teach, but the entire dental industry.

He presented his anesthesia technique to top educators, researchers, and manufacturers in the dental field, who encouraged him to acquire a patent and form TuttleNumbNow, LLC.

Now you can benefit from a step-by-step guide to local anesthesia with the TuttleNumbNow system.

Have Dr. Tuttle train you!