TNN Continues to Grow - 31 Countries

With orders from Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain, and more TNN is now in 31 countries! 

These dentists are pioneers in their countries. With every e-mail we get, they're excited to implement it in their practice. 

Many are well researched and have tried other intraosseous methods. TuttleNumbNow is the new primary injection of choice. Thanks for trusting us! 





One Dentist Invites us to train Staff

One dentist caught the vision of TuttleNumbNow and wanted the rest of his staff to be properly trained.

Dr. Chris Morgan in Kaysville, UT has been a TNN dentist for awhile.

He is passionate about the technique and met with Dr. Tuttle at the recent Utah Dental Convention. 

He invited Dr. Tuttle out for a hands-on training so that the rest of his dentists could know the proper technique, uses, and protocol. 

Thank you Dr. Morgan for having us! 

TNN Hits 27 Countries

With a recent purchase from Germany, TuttleNumbNow dentists are now in 27 countries.

Thank you for helping change the world of dentistry!


A Full Circle Moment for TuttleNumbNow

The origins of TuttleNumbNow go back to 2015 when Dr. Tuttle's son was graduating from Midwestern Dental School in Arizona. During the hooding ceremony Dr. Tuttle was overwhelmed with emotion and felt that he should share this approach to local anesthesia with the world.

A classmate of Dr. Tuttle's son was Scott Johnson, an endodontist. Dr. Johnson now works in Utah and we were able to connect with him during a recent hands-on training event.

Dr. Johnson uses the TuttleNumbNow IO injection daily, and it was rewarding to see this full-circle moment almost a decade later. 

He was at the ground level of TuttleNumbNow and has seen the benefits of this injection in his practice every day. Thank you Dr. Johnson for your continued support!

Image of Dr. Tuttle and son Dr. Kent Tuttle.

Dentist Gather to Experience TNN in Saratoga Springs

Word of mouth is one of the best ways TuttleNumbNow has grown organically. Dentists are connected and they enjoy sharing new and innovative ways to grow dental practices.

This was the case in Utah yesterday, as Dr. Todd Groesbeck from Cougar Dental in Provo has been implementing the TuttleNumbNow technique for several years. He has found great success and we have connected with him as he regularly orders TNN Needle Guides. 

Dr. Grosbeck suggested we visit with the dentists at Matthews Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Saratoga Springs. This group of dentists were excited to see TuttleNumbNow in action. Dentists from Traverse Mountain in Lehi also joined in for the training. Read more here!

UDA Spring Session in St. George

Great time at the UDA Spring Session in St. George and hands-on experience hosted by Dr. Boran. We love visiting with dentists and especially talking with prior customers to see how their practice has changed as they take care of patients. Thanks to all who came by and said hello! 

Hands-on after UDA in Utah

In person hands-on demo for dentists!! Those in attendance were from the UDA and those who purchased from their Benco reps this year in 2024! We love time with dentists!
If you want to host a hands-on training, please reach out. 

Feedback from Dentists at the UDA

Utah Dental Convention 2024. Message us for conference specials if you were there! We loved hearing from our dentists and seeing so many interested. Especially enjoyed hearing how you've applied TNN to your practice. 

Utah Dental Convention - Dr. Tuttle Featured Speaker

Dr. Tuttle was the featured speaker for the Utah Dental Convention on Friday morning and afternoon discussing local anesthesia and TuttleNumbNow.