TuttleNumbNow visits with Industry Leader Dr. Marvin Berlin

Our team met with cosmetic expert Dr. Marvin Berlin this weekend to discuss  clinical insights  and how other Heartland Dentists may benefit from TuttleNumbNow. Dr. Marvin Berlin is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of McKinneyDentist.com  and the Clinical Director of Aesthetics at Heartland Dental. The future is bright! Thanks Dr. Berlin! 



Lunch and Learn with University of North Carolina Endo Residents

Dr. Franco DeMayo (left) saw TuttleNumbNow in action in Detroit and facilitated a Lunch and Learn for Dr. Tuttle to speak to his colleagues in the endodontics residency program at the University of North Carolina. 

TNN Hits 2,000 Kit Orders

We continue to fulfill orders in all 50 states and 23 countries. We appreciate our team and all those who work to provide quality training products and fast shipping to those around the globe! 

We recently hit 2,000 TNN Personal Training Kit orders, and we had a second to celebrate and recognize how far we have come! Thank you! 


Inspiring Smiles Gala in Phoenix

TuttleNumbNow was a proud sponsor of the first annual Inspiring Smiles Gala in Phoenix, Arizona over the weekend. The event was to raise funds for the Tuttle Shuttle Charity, an organization committed to giving away free surprise smile makeovers to people on-the-go in a mobile dentistry van. 

Check out a video of FOX 10's news coverage of the effort >>

TuttleNumbNow in Detroit for Extraction Classes

Dental educator Dr. Ara Nazarian teamed up with dental inventor Dr. Golden who invented the Physics forceps to help with tooth removal. Dr. Greg Tuttle the inventor of TuttleNumbNow was invited to showcase fast effective Intraosseous anesthesia to aid in extraction demonstrations over the weekend in Detroit, Michigan.


Earn 2 CE Credits With TuttleNumbNow Training

With every purchase of a TNN Personal Training Kit, you can now earn two CE credits. Thank you Roseman University College of Dentistry. 


Now Launched - Find a TNN Dentist Map

Patients often visit our website looking for a dentist. They may have had difficulty getting numb or want to find someone they trust.

Instead of sorting through our TNN dentists, patients can now find one on their own!

We launched a new interactive map where patients can scan to see a dentist who has purchased the TuttleNumbNow training. 

Hands-On Training in Texas

Special thanks to Dr. Rick Coker of Tyler, Texas for arranging a TNN hands-on Training and Golf Tee Time for a group of interested dentists in the East Texas Community. 

One highlight was talking with Dr. David Bright, an endodontist in Tyler, Texas who regularly sees tough-to-numb patients. He volunteered to be in the chair when Dr. Tuttle gave the TNN intraosseous injection - He wanted to know what his patients would feel. To his surprise, it was very straightforward! He rated it a 0.05 out of 10 on the pain scale! 

TuttleNumbNow - Smile Studio announces new method of pain-free dentistry

One dentist attracts media attention for learning the TuttleNumbnow technique to help patients. Dr. Rick Coker with Dr. Rick Coker’s Smile Studio stopped by East Texas Live on August 10th to share how he is now offering the "TuttleNumbNow" treatment, even after 50 years of dentistry. Dr. Coker is always willing to try new things to help his patients.