TuttleNumbNow has endless benefits for your confidence, your practice, and your patients. Imagine a predictable experience for your patients with a set protocol for every tooth, every time.

TuttleNumbNow will

  • Eliminate the most common frustration for the patient, "I can never get numb"
  • Eliminate the most common frustration for the dentist, "I can't get her numb"
  • Reduce the use of IA nerve block except for lengthy procedures
  • Bypass waiting for anesthetic onset... "Set down the syringe and pick up the drill!"

Let us consider TNN as the primary modality of anesthesia 

  • TNN is faster acting (immediate)
  • TNN involves intraosseous injection into bone
  • TNN is less painful on injection
  • TNN is less toxic (locally and systemically)
  • TNN has the fastest reversal times than any other modality
  • TNN is less expensive than costly gadgets 

Your patients will be talking about it, and it will be the main source of referrals!  Check out more technical benefits here 

With TuttleNumbNow, you can reduce risk all across your practice.

Minimize the need for nitrous and sedation

Removes the common problem of patients biting their lip or tongue

Eliminates risks, difficulties, frustration and side effects of the IA nerve block

No drilling into bone with a port or perforator, less risk of root damage

Use less cartridges of anesthetic to avoid toxic thresholds

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