The key to the TuttleNumbNow’s effectiveness is its simplicity. You use a standard dental syringe paired with a premium needle and needle guide to perform your injections. That’s all. You won’t need any special handpieces or perforators, and you can reduce and even eliminate the need for nitrous and sedation.


TuttleNumbNow works because it is tailored for all skill levels and specialties. All you need is an open mind and the personalized training kit to get started. The kit will explain how it works! 

If you follow the guidelines in the training kit, you will have a firm foundation to help your patients. You will learn the intraosseous 10 Step Technique in full detail and Dr. Tuttle will walk you through the TuttleNumbNow 10 Shot Protocol. 

Other dentists acknowledge that it is vital to follow the training videos exactly for success. See how they used the technique in our reviews. If you're interested in clinical studies, you can find those here.

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