TuttleNumbNow as Keynote for Dental Maverick's Summit 2022

Dr. Tuttle was invited to be the keynote speaker for the 2022 Dental Maverick's Summit in Austin, Texas at the Omni hotel.

Deals For Dentists Podcast with Dr. Tuttle

In today's DealsforDentists.com episode, Dr. Gregory Tuttle discusses how he recognized the need for an effective local anesthesia technique, the issues he faced while trying to bring his invention to life, how it will be helpful for dental students, and many more!


Orem City Recognizes Stand-Out Business, Thanks to TuttleNumbNow

Orem Business Alliance awarded Tuttle Family Dental the stand-out business award in the category of "Innovation" in December of 2021 for Dr. Tuttle's patent and TuttleNumbNow training methods. Thank you Mayor! 

Extraction Day with TNN, GoldenDent, University of Detroit and Dr. Ara Nazarian

University of Detroit hosted a free dental extraction day sponsored by GoldenDent and course instructor Dr. Ara Nazarian.

Over 100 patients and 30 doctors came together for the event. Dr. Greg Tuttle was present to assist with the TuttleNumbNow technique.He stepped in on tough-to-numb cases. Nearly every doctor got to see TuttleNumbNow intraosseous injection in action. 

Introducing the TNN IncreMental Syringe

We are proud to release a custom dental syringe for precise anesthetic delivery, dosage, and visualization for the TuttleNumbNow system. 

Because carpules now have a mandated sticker that covers the glass, it is difficult to see the amount of anesthetic administered. The TNN IncreMental syringe provides red line indicators for proper incremental dosages.  Now available! 

Roseman University of Health Sciences Embraces TNN

Honored to be invited to speak to the students at Roseman University of Health Sciences. Their continuing education coordinator saw TNN in action and invited Dr. Tuttle to speak about advancements in local anesthesia.

We love interacting with dentists. The future is bright! 

Stonehaven Dental Hands-On Training

Great day to learn TNN! We took the team to train several experienced dentists and hygienists at Stonehaven Dental,  a very well respected DSO.

Patent Awarded for TuttleNumbNow

June 1, 2021 we were issued Patent Number 11,020,538 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Inventor Gregory K. Tuttle, DDS for Anesthesia Needle Assembly and Methods. A huge step towards taking TNN to the world! 



New Product Packaging for TNN Needle Guides

We are excited to announce our updated packaging for the TNN Needle Guides. Theses are still sold in packs of 100 on our website.

We appreciate the initial product testing and manufacturing by Septodont Corporation and will continue to deliver the same product you know and love.