The origins of TuttleNumbNow go back to 2015 when Dr. Tuttle's son was graduating from Midwestern Dental School in Arizona. During the hooding ceremony Dr. Tuttle was overwhelmed with emotion and felt that he should share this approach to local anesthesia with the world.

A classmate of Dr. Tuttle's son was Dr. Scott Johnson, an endodontist at Riverside Endodontics. Dr. Johnson now works in Utah and we were able to connect with him during a recent hands-on training event.

Dr. Johnson uses the TuttleNumbNow IO injection daily, and it was rewarding to see this full-circle moment almost a decade later. 

He was at the ground level of TuttleNumbNow and has seen the benefits of this injection in his practice every day. 

An excerpt from his bio states:

"Dr. Johnson loves the integration of education with clinical practice. He takes particular interest in dental trauma, apical surgery, and endodontic retreatment when appropriate. Dr. Johnson recently co-authored the Non-surgical Retreatment chapter in the Pathways of the Pulp textbook.  Dr. Johnson is passionate about integrating technology into his practice, providing a calm environment for even the most anxious patients, and clearly communicating treatment options."

We know TuttleNumbNow is a great way to help create a calming environment for those tough-to-numb patients. Thank you for your trust from the very beginning! 

Thank you Dr. Johnson!