Word of mouth is one of the best ways TuttleNumbNow has grown organically. Dentists are connected and they enjoy sharing new and innovative ways to grow dental practices.

This was the case in Utah yesterday, as Dr. Todd Groesbeck from Cougar Dental in Provo has been implementing the TuttleNumbNow technique for several years. He has found great success and we have connected with him as he regularly orders TNN Needle Guides. 

Dr. Grosbeck suggested we visit with the dentists at Matthews Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Saratoga Springs. This group of dentists were excited to see TuttleNumbNow in action.Dentists from Traverse Mountain in Lehi also joined in for the training. 

All of the dentists ordered the kit two weeks prior to the hands-on training.

This provided:

  • Time to watch the videos
  • A window of time to try the technique on an ideal patient
  • To uncover any questions

As we gathered for the hands-on, the model of seeing TuttleNumbNow in action was beneficial.

Hands-on provided:

  • A chance to have the technique done to them in the chair, so they realize it is not a painful injection
  • An opportunity to see it in action
  • To see other dentists perform the technique
  • To ask any questions or case situations 
  • To gain confidence to use the TNN technique and protocol right away 

We'd like to thank those at Matthews Dental for providing this hands-on experience. We know the patients there will benefit greatly. Special thanks to Dr. Corbin Matthews, Dr. Jeremy B. Matthews, and Dr. Tanner Gneiting. Also, we appreciate Dr. Scott Stapley and Dr. Greg Spilsbury for attending. 

The energy in the office during the hands-on experience is unlike any other. Learning this technique will revolutionize your love for dentistry!