Hands-on after UDA in Utah

In person hands-on demo for dentists!! Those in attendance were from the UDA and those who purchased from their Benco reps this year in 2024! We love time with dentists!
If you want to host a hands-on training, please reach out. 

Feedback from Dentists at the UDA

Utah Dental Convention 2024. Message us for conference specials if you were there! We loved hearing from our dentists and seeing so many interested. Especially enjoyed hearing how you've applied TNN to your practice. 

Utah Dental Convention - Dr. Tuttle Featured Speaker

Dr. Tuttle was the featured speaker for the Utah Dental Convention on Friday morning and afternoon discussing local anesthesia and TuttleNumbNow. 

Studies Published Related to TNN

With increased interest in TuttleNumbNow comes a wave of clinical research and potential for more research in the years ahead. 

We have complied some related studies for those who would like to reference some topics related to TuttleNumbNow here.

Special thanks to all those involved in advancing the world of dental anesthesia. 

World-renowned Kathy Bassett in the Chair for the TuttleNumbNow IO Injection!

Anyone that knows local anesthesia knows the name Kathy Bassett. She has dedicated her entire career to educating, teaching, lecturing, and writing on local anesthesia all over the world. It was our pleasure to have her experience the TuttleNumbNow injection this past weekend. Boy, was she thrilled with the results!

Afterwards as she was reflecting on the meeting, we got a message from Kathy stating, "My mind is racing now." She is a big advocate for pain-free injections, and TNN delivered. 

Click here see!

Expert from KCSI Experiences TNN for the first time!

We are excited to announce a wonderful visit from the founder of the Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction (KCSI).

KCSI is in Utah and was founded by Dr. Karl Koerner, a general dentist who has been educating his peers on dentoalveolar surgery for more than 25 years. 

Dr. Koerner lectures all over the country and came to the office to see TuttleNumbNow in action on January 5th. 

His reaction was positive. He says, "I really didn't feel anything. There was no pain involved." 

It's a matter going through the bone. He says in his case, "It was easier than ever!" 


TNN On-Site Training with Dr. Kevin M. Brown

On January 20th TuttleNumbNow attended Pacific Dental Innovations: TNN On-Site Training with Dr. Kevin M. Brown to focus on Minimally Invasive Dental Aesthetics.  

As dentists gathered together in Bellevue, WA they were impressed with the new technique and TuttleNumbNow training system. The collaborative learning with Dr. Kevin M. Brown was especially helpful for all in attendance. Dr. Brown is an expert in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Thank you Dr. Brown! 

New Study Highlights the Gap Between Theory and Practice in Mandibular Anesthesia Delivery

Recent research from the University of Toronto sheds light on a crucial gap in dental education regarding the delivery of mandibular anesthesia. The study, Examining practicing dentists' personal knowledge and techniques, highlights a significant divide between theoretical learning and practical application.


Omaha Dentists Hands-on with TNN

Thank you Summit Dental Health for hosting a hands-on training for dentists in Omaha and the surrounding areas. Program director was excited to educate her dentists and introduce them to something new with a huge turnout. Special thanks to Mortensen dental group for making hands-on available for dentists wanting to advance in local anesthesia. It's a game-changer!