Special thanks to Dr. Rick Coker of Tyler, Texas for arranging this hands-on training for a group of interested dentists in the East Texas Community. 

Dr. Rick Coker (center) with the TuttleNumbNow training crew. 

Dr. Coker was trained after reading a post from a happy patient who experienced TNN for the first time. He was skeptical at first, but became a fan. He event went on the local news!

Dr. Coker is also passionate about advancing the dental education community. He is a member of several organizations and contributes to move dentistry forward. He's been practicing for more than 30 years!

He arranged a TuttleNumbNow Training and golf Tee Time last weekend! 

Dr. Tuttle was able to come to Texas to do a hands-on training for several dentists and explain some advanced uses/cases for TuttleNumbNow. 

One highlight was talking with Dr. David Bright, an endodontist in Tyler, Texas who regularly sees tough-to-numb patients. 

He volunteered to be in the chair when Dr. Tuttle gave the TNN intraosseous injection - He wanted to know what his patients would feel. 

To his surprise, it was very straightforward! He rated it a 0.05 out of 10 on the pain scale! 

Several of the dentists walked away feeling empowered and excited!

Thanks Dr. Coker for a wonderful weekend in Texas!