Dr. Stanley Malamed was invited to speak at the 5th Annual Lynn Powell Lecture Series in Utah. 

Dr. Tuttle was in attendance and was thrilled to see TuttleNumbNow discussed in connection with several methods of local anesthesia. 

Dr. Malamed is an acclaimed speaker and expert in local anesthesia. He has published several textbooks on the topic, and is highly accomplished in the world of dental anesthetics. 

Dr. Tuttle and Dr. Malamed 

Slides about TNN during the lecture 

Dr. Tuttle with the Dr. Jerald BosemanDirector of Continuing Education at the University of Utah School of Dentistry 

Dr. Tuttle with other lecture attendees discussing the potential of TNN at the U.

David McMillian, head of local anesthesia at Roseman University College of Dental Medicine.  


Lynn Powell was in attendance, and was honored during the event.