TuttleNumbNow was invited by the Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences in Bengaluru, India.

This was a landmark international trip as we work to improve dental education worldwide.



Dr. Tuttle lectured to a room full of dentists, professionals, students, surgeons and more. 

They were eager to learn and very gracious. 


Next, was the hands-on portion of our visit. It was rewarding to see each dentist try the TNN intraosseous injection. 


They are consistently amazed by the instant and profound numbness. 

There were several in attendance who have been using the TNN System for awhile, and they were able to give testimony about their experiences. 



We enjoyed visiting with the dean to see how we can work together to overcome challenges and help as many people as possible. 

Thank you to Dr. Silju Matthew, Dean.

Dr. Kavitha Prasad, Associate Dean and HOD OMES

Dr. K. Ranganath, Senior Professor, OMFS 

We are committed to changing dentistry and absolutely loved our visit!