This on the left is Dr. Ara Nazarian. He is with dental inventor Dr. Golden who invented the Physics forceps to help with tooth removal. Dr. Greg Tuttle the inventor of TuttleNumbNow was invited to showcase fast effective Intraosseous anesthesia to aid in extraction demonstrations over the weekend in Michigan.

This Amp2 class in Detroit is a hands-on live patient experience. There were dentists of all experience levels in the class and plenty of patients to extract teeth on and practice grafting, socket preservation, bone grafting, and suture placement. The courses have been taught for over 13 years.

Dentists from all over the country attended and the three instructors have a combined 100 years of experience. Amp1 Amp2 and Amp3 are progressive courses and the opportunity for experience in optimal conditions is the strong point.

Some dentists seek extraction classes in third world countries and have to try to learn in third world conditions. This class features high standards and ideal conditions, including dental assistants and over-the-shoulder coaching.

It was a pleasure to work alongside these experts and help dentists learn effective, instant anesthesia for extractions!