It was standing room only as attendants at the 2016 UDA Conference gathered to hear about TuttleNumbNow.

Dr. Tuttle revealed his findings and dentists were excited about the technique. 

Over the past year, TuttleNumbNow strive to connect with some of the top researchers and leaders in the dental industry. We have made efforts to dispute claims, clarify the procedure, and share the technique with any who are willing to listen. We have communicated with dentists across the world and spoken at other events, however, this was the first time when we have received an overwhelming response from participants all at once.

Before attending the UDA Conference, we were informed that we should plan for a 2% return on our product, as this was average for most presenters. Over the course of two days, we sold more than 40 kits at our $490 price point. With about 250 in attendance, this translates to a 16% return for TuttleNumbNow.

We were pleased with the response, but the feedback does not end with the sale of a kit. What we value most is the continuous comments and questions we have received in the few days after the event. 

It was a great experience for all!  




"I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your lecture yesterday at the UDA meeting. I ordered the system and am excited to give it a try. Best lecture I've been to in quite awhile." --Jackson A.

"Dr. Tuttle, I saw you at the UDA conv. Friday. Today (Monday) I had a patient that needed #18 O and #30 MO. Typically I would not want to do those in the same appt., but I tried your technique. I was a little worried about #18 O, and the fact that I was doing an MO on #30 because I used the spot between 1st and 2nd Molars. I was also worried about that 10% angle change... but on first try I felt it slip into cortical space. The second spot didn't so I changed the needle, and Boom in was in.

PT felt no pain during the work and said the initial poke was nothing. He is an all state Basketball player so we know he's not as tough as a Volleyball guy but he said it was easy. That really was Awesome. Thanks for sharing your knowledge." --PJ S.


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