TuttleNumbNow Personal Training Kit


The TNN Personal Training Kit includes training videos and materials to perform the TNN intraosseous injection and a complete guide to local anesthesia. The kit has everything you need to get started and to refer back to as needed. 
    • The Right Tools- 10 Recommended needles, 1 syringe and 10 TNN Needle Guides
    • Reference Materials- An instructional booklet for easy reference
    • Over 40 Minutes of In-Depth Training Videos on USB
      • Video #1 TNN Promo Video Introduction (4 min)
      • Video #2 TNN Getting Started - Key Points to Remember (4 min)
      • Video #3 The 10 Step Procedure for TuttleNumbNow (5 min) 
      • Video #4 TNN 10 Shot Protocol -  Local Anesthesia Algorithm (9min)
      • Video #5 Troubleshooting Summary/Review (2 min)
      • Video #6 TNN Anterior Anesthesia Review (2 min) 
      • Video #7 TNN Lower Second Molar Review (6min) 

    After payment, the steps and videos will be emailed to you to download immediately. 

    The rest of the TNN kit will be mailed to you within 1-3 business days.

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