TuttleNumbNow Personal Training Kit



The TNN Personal Training Kit includes training videos and materials to perform the TNN intraosseous injection and a complete guide to local anesthesia. The kit has everything you need to get started and to refer back to as needed. 


    • The Right Tools- 10 Recommended needles, 1 syringe and 10 TNN Needle Guides
    • Reference Materials- An instructional booklet for easy reference
    • Over 40 Minutes of In-Depth Training Videos on USB
      • Video #1 TNN Promo Video Introduction (4 min)
      • Video #2 TNN Getting Started - Key Points to Remember (4 min)
      • Video #3 The 10 Step Procedure for the TuttleNumbNow Technique (TNN1) (5 min) 
      • Video #4 The TuttleNumbNow 10-Shot Protocol (TNN1-10) (9 min)
      • Video #5 Position, Retraction and Angulation 
      • Video #6 Troubleshooting Summary/Review (2 min)
      • Video #7 TNN Lower Second Molar Review (6 min) 
      • Videos #8-12 TuttleNumbNow Experience-optional (20 min)

    After payment, the steps and videos will be emailed to you to download immediately. 

    The rest of the TNN kit will be mailed to you within 1-3 business days. 

    Once you complete the TuttleNumbNow training, you can also earn 2 ADA CERP Continuing Education Credits.

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