In the Summer of 2017, we sent out a product research survey to our TNN certified users. The response was incredible! Check out these three key results:


1. Dentists are now doing TNN intra-osseous injections

  • Prior to TNN, 55% did not even do any intraosseous injections
  • Of those that did, 90% only did them once a month or less
  • And now, with TNN, 47% do intraosseous daily
  • Of intraosseous users, 81% Prefer TNN over Stabident or X-Tip

2. Dentists are changing their needle

  • 90% of TNN dentists have changed their needle

3. Dentists see the benefits and say it’s worth it

  • When asked if TNN is innovative, 95% say that it is
  • 86% Say it should be taught in dental schools
  • 84% Feel it has been worth the effort to learn the TNN protocol