We are excited to announce a wonderful visit from the founder of the Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction (KCSI).

KCSI is in Utah and was founded by Dr. Karl Koerner, a general dentist who has been educating his peers on dentoalveolar surgery for more than 25 years. 

Dr. Koerner lectures all over the country and came to the office to see TuttleNumbNow in action on January 5th. 

His reaction was positive. He says, "I really didn't feel anything. There was no pain involved." 

It's a matter going through the bone. He says in his case, "It was easier than ever!" 

The whole injection only took about a minute.

We administer 1/4 carpule of anesthetic in a minute and it's essentially a pain-free injection. He is excited to talk to other dentists about TuttleNumbNow as he lectures all over the country. 

Set down the syringe, pick up the drill! 

Until recently, Dr. Koerner was an Associate Professor in Oral Surgery at Roseman University of Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine in Utah.

Thank you Dr. Koerner!

Learn more about Dr. Koerner here.