Anyone that knows local anesthesia knows the name Kathy Bassett. She has dedicated her entire career to educating, teaching, lecturing, and writing on local anesthesia and worked in the industry for more than 50 years.

It was our pleasure to have her experience the TuttleNumbNow injection this past weekend. Boy, was she thrilled with the results! 

Kathy wanted to experience it for herself. She had heard about the system years ago and we have been in contact for awhile. 

Those experts who write textbooks learned about TuttleNumbNow years ago when they met in Alaska and performed the injection on cadavers. Dr. Tuttle was thrilled with the experience, but this was the real deal this time. 

It wasn't until this last weekend Kathy finally had the injection performed with her as a patient in the chair, along with her good friend and fellow hygiene instructor. 

Afterwards as she was reflecting on the meeting, we got a message from Kathy stating, "My mind is racing now." 

She is a big advocate for pain-free injections, and TNN delivered. 

Once you have it done it will forever change your experience on local anesthesia! 



Thank you so much Kathy for your time and supporting TuttleNumbNow. This was a major step forward for us! 

For more about Kathy's exceptional work, please see here. 

She was recently featured in inspiring women for Women in Dentistry 2022 and an excerpt reads:

I am a small-town girl who co-authored and mentored the publication of the first textbook on local anesthesia crafted for dental hygiene and dental students, an arena not previously entered by dental hygienists, let alone women.

With the goal of creating a student friendly text, I was and still am blessed to have teamed up with forward-thinking hygienists and a dentist who connect as “equals.”