Mortenson Dental group hosted a training for their dentists and invited the TuttleNumbNow team out to Kentucky. The hands-on experience adds tremendous value as dentists can see and experience the injection. 

All dentists in attendance own their own practice and have been practicing dentistry for several years. 

They listened to Dr. Tuttle, reviewed the kit, practiced on a model, and then it was time for hands-on clinical training.

Every doc was able to experience the injection, watch it, and then give it. 


We heard lots of comments like, "that didn't hurt" and "wow, that was easier than I thought."

When you have a hands-on TNN experience it instills confidence. Dentists are now able to confidently administer the TNN injection to a patient without inflicting pain. 

Thanks Mortenson Dental for providing this valuable experience for your dentists!