One of our main goals at TuttleNumbNow is to connect with leaders in the dental industry. We realize the positive impact local anesthesia can have on the dentist-patient relationship and want all to benefit. 

Dr. Marvin Berlin is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of  and the Clinical Director of Aesthetics at Heartland Dental. Dr. Berlin is one of the major experts in cosmetic dentistry and founder of The Berlin Smile.

Our team met with him this weekend to discuss his clinical insights and how he has been using TuttleNumbNow to serve his patients and how other Heartland Dentists may benefit. 

Heartland Dental is the largest DSO with more than 1,500 practices throughout the country. TNN allows DSOs to provide better care for lower cost and improve the patient experience. 

We enjoyed meeting with him and discussing TuttleNumbNow applications. The future is bright! Thank you Dr. Berlin!