UDA Convention in Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Tuttle was invited to attend the UDA Convention in Salt Lake City, UT for the second year in a row.


Why I Use Septoject Evolution

See why Dr. Tuttle uses the Septoject Evolution needle for less force and less pain in this feature by Dental Product Shopper.



Lecture at Midwinter Convention in Sacramento

Dr. Tuttle presented on lower molar anesthesia at the Sacramento Mid-Winter Convention.

With Top Leaders at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

It was exciting to attend the Chicago Midwinter Meeting and attend several events with Septodont Corporation. 

Renew Your Love of Dentistry with TuttleNumbNow

TuttleNumbNow was featured during Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. We submitted a short Q&A for attendants and had a great article on the front page and continued on page 20. 



Orem dentist says single-tooth anesthesia for dental procedures can be easy, hassle-free

KSL featured TuttleNumbNow and interviewed Dr. Tuttle at his Orem, Utah practice. An inside look to the technique and the every day benefits! 

An Alternative Local Anesthesia Technique 

Hear directly from Dr. Tuttle's medical malpractice insurance carrier in this newsletter feature article on page 5.

TuttleNumbNow meets Dr. Stanley Malamed at ADA Conference

TuttleNumbNow visited with hundreds of dentists at the ADA Conference in Denver, CO.

Gordon J. Christensen and Clinicians Report Thank TuttleNumbNow

At TuttleNumbNow, we value safety and clinical expertise. We reached out to Gordon J. Christensen and Clinicians Report and they thanked us for "contributing this valuable additional intraosseous technique to the profession."